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Dr. Amer Nahas

Medical Director


Dentistry is a dynamic profession, and we strive to assure that the nature of our services to YOU as our patient mirrors its evolution. We provide dental care services for segments of the population in our country and beyond and attend to our client’s simplest and complex health concerns in a caring and healing environment.
Our greatest strength is our specialties as we give our full confidence in having the right team of professional with measurable years of experience and who are committed to providing you the best dental treatment.
We are a values-based organization in the dental care industry and a dedicated group of specialties who value teamwork and innovation. I am honored to serve our distinguished clients, as we sooth your tensions and worries treating the soul, and heart as well.

General Dentist

Dr. M. Ziad Nahas


Dr. Amer Ziad Nahas

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Milad Bashour

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Feras Osman

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Hayem Zin Alabdin


Dr. Said Samara

General Dentist

Dr. Abdulrahman Nahhas

General Dentist

Dr. Noura Al Kubaisi

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