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Gum Depigmentation

Perfect your smile with healthy pink gums

One of the most important things when you want to have a clean, beautiful smile is definitely your gum health. A lot of people overlook this important aspect, even though they shouldn’t.
Melanocytes are cells which reside in the basal layer of the gingival epithelium. These cells produce melanin, which are pigments that cause discoloration or dark spots in gums. A dental laser can target and ablate the melanocytes, thus reducing the production of melanin in the gingival tissue. Following laser depigmentation, the gingiva heals by secondary intention. This results in a lighter and more uniform color of the gums.
At Levantine we are using EPIC™ which is the latest diode laser innovation from Biolase to treat your gum to become healthier and to turn it’s color to brighter pink with the least pain and the least discomfort.

Causes of Dark Gums


Smoking is a common irritant that prompts an expansion in melanin production in the gums. The darker shading is generally more noticeable in smokers who have a lighter skin complexion. Known as “smoker’s melanosis“ darkening of the gums that happens because of tobacco exposure can be reversed by quitting smoking.


Some people normally create more than others, more often people with a darker complexion. Despite the fact that people frequently expect that gums are a uniform, pink shading, in all actuality there is an assortment of shades that people groups’ gums can be.


In some medical conditions, or the medications prescribed to treat certain conditions can likewise build melanin in the gums. For instance, some endocrine issue, such as Addison’s ailment, which causes darkening of the skin, can likewise cause pigmentation on the gums. Antimalarial prescriptions and the antibiotic minocycline can also cause dark spots to develop on the gums.


Small pieces of metal, or amalgam, fillings can embed themselves into the gum tissue when a person is getting a filling or if a dentist is removing and older filling. The metallic substance makes the blue or dark spot show up on the gums.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the gum depigmentation treatment lasts?
How long does the gum depigmentation treatment lasts?

Results will vary from every person depending on his/her gum condition, however the result could last for 3 to 4 years.

  • Does depigmentation procedure require anesthesia?
Does depigmentation procedure require anesthesia?

Yes, few drops of local anaesthetic solution is required before starting the procedure.

  • What type of food or drinks should I avoid?
What type of food or drinks should I avoid?

One week after the procuder, patient is advised to avoid citrus fruits and food contains spices.

  • How long does the depigmentation procedure take?
How long does the depigmentation procedure take?

It takes 20 to 45 minutes depending on gum thickness, texture and darkness.

  • Can I smoke?
Can I smoke?

We urge all smokers to quit smoking totally after the depigmentation as smoking is one of the reasons for pigmentation. It’s strongly recommended to quit smoking for no less than 7 days after the procedure.

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